camila delĂ­a -delio- is a communicator and cultural producer; she writes about artistic processes and creates in groups. Her work focuses mainly on creating events where artistic language is the means to articulate questions and issues about sexuality, gender, precariousness, disability and desire. In her work she prioritizes occupying non-traditional and self-managed spaces, as well as working with experimental and multidisciplinary artists.
She studied at the University of Buenos Aires (Social Communication Sciences and the Diploma in Cultural Production) but her real training was in hallway talks and kitchens in spaces that no longer exist. She currently lives in the global north -Berlin- in a room with windows that look to the South and reflects on it a lot.
Carolina Iglesias -caoticx- is a video artist specialized in 2D animation. They
defines themselves as video artist as they explore the mix of different formats, like film, animation and photography. They have participated in documentary, experimental and fiction projects but what they love the most is creating, in a collective way, artistic content that mixes political and sensitive issues. They have also run and participated in alternative cultural spaces in Argentina for a long time and organized events that aim to reunite different productions and create spaces for debates.
Tina Wilke is a media artist, filmmaker and activist from East Berlin who works with screens and projections for installations, stages and experimental film forms. In her hybrid approach she mixes and intervenes analogue footage with digital new media, oscillating between the appropriated and the own, the historical and the current, the collective and the individual as well as the analogue and the virtual.
She studied Art and Media at the University of the Arts (Udk) Berlin and has a master's degree in Theater with New Media and Interactivity from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) Buenos Aires. Her mainly collectively produced works range from Virtual Reality, Essay Films, Performances, Theater and Installations and have been shown internationally on festivals, theater stages and exhibitions. She is member of the Berlin based Medienkunstverein e.V. and board member of the VSOW e.V.
Photo: Guxox